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Elmer and Carole Abbas Home Fund

On January 4, 2014, Elmer and Carole Abbas' 97-year-old farm house in Buffalo, MN burned to the ground. Despite sub-zero temperatures, the brave fire department contained the fire to the home, and most importantly, kept Elmer and Carole safe. However, they lost everything, including their beloved cat, Zoey. Many friends, family, and community members have asked how they can help Elmer and Carole during this difficult time.

Elmer is a retired special ed teacher and plays Santa Claus during Christmas, and Carole is an accessibility specialist . They have given so much to others throughout their lives and deserve to have a home where they can create new family memories.

Please help us raise money to help Elmer and Carole to rebuild their life and their home.

Watch this video to learn more about Elmer & Carole:

Number of supporters: 132

Rally Leader: Liz Burd

Liz Burd