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Christmas Is Love SC Project

Helping Hands and HopeBridge at the Hollies are adult day health care centers that are designed to take care of a large population of young adults and elderly participants each day who are physically and/or intellectually disabled. The majority of them live well below the poverty level and will receive little to nothing at Christmas. We make Christmas a wonderful time for each of them with the help and support of people near and far! You can help by sponsoring one or a few of our most treasured friends!

Each person makes a wish list of three items they would like to have for Christmas and by sponsoring them, you ensure a promise of warm smiles and joy overflowing that they might not otherwise receive. In our normal sponsorship drive, we ask that each sponsor spend at least $25 in fulfilling the wish list.

As we get into this last, most critical, week of the project, there are still several participants who have not yet been sponsored. We recognize that this time of year is hectic for everyone and have arranged a team of "proxy shoppers" for anyone willing to donate instead of directly shopping.

Furthermore, we have received a corporate sponsor that has offered to match any donation up to the first $500 that we receive in this final drive toward complete participant sponsorship.

Please search your heart and see if you and your family can take part in this wonderful season of giving this year!!

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Rally Leader: Jonathan Hines

Jonathan Hines