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Ann Briggs

Help us bring a snug, new home to Ann, Curly and Sassy by Christmas. Ann's uninsured 100 year old farmhouse burned down three years ago early Thanksgiving morning. She was saved by the two dogs - Curly and Sassy - she had rescued herself. The dogs she rescued became her rescuers.

She's been living in a small camper for the last three years, rather than give up Curly and Sassy to move into a rental apartment. Every time I sit on Ann's couch and take the two steps to her front door, I can't imagine spending a few months in a camper as a home, much less 3 years

A group of friends in the community have been building her a small, new house with all volunteer labor and donated supplies. But now we're stuck. We haven't been able to get a source for the electrical and plumbing needed supplies so we're turning to you for help.

With your help, we can finish it up in 10 days of hard work if we can get those materials. We have drywall, flooring and bathroom fixtures.

All the money goes to materials for the house. Any extra over our goal will be used to buy simple furniture and appliances - such as a bed and vacuum cleaner!

Ann is a generous, compassionate woman who can be counted on to show up when help is needed. She had over 600 volunteer hours at one helping organization alone.

It's getting cold here in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. Will you help us finish this snug, new house in time for Ann, Curly and Sassy to move in by Christmas? Even $5 will help.

Number of supporters: 21

Rally Leader: Margaret Agard

Margaret Agard