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Superman Walks Recovery Fund

Beautiful People,

I regret to inform you SWP took a massive loss. I am asking for your help to recoup and rebuild.

08/31/2013 a man living in my home went on a drunken rampage and destroyed every tool I use for the work I do. (

The damages and thefts come to a little over $11,000. I am asking for your assistance in attempting to recoup this loss and help me rebuild so I can continue doing the work that I do.

Right now I am using my phone to try and keep up with it all but it is arduous and time consuming. The sooner we can rally the funds the sooner I will be able to get back up to full speed.

The money raised here will immediately go to data salvage, then to purchasing the tools we lost.

Thank you all for your help.

Number of supporters: 243

Rally Leader: Thomas HeroWithin Mills

Thomas HeroWithin Mills