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TECHO - Eliminate Extreme Poverty

My name is Marian and I'm a huge fan of I'm deeply committed to supporting the organization fight extreme poverty and would love to share their story with you.

TECHO works tirelessly to fight extreme poverty. They are seriously disrupting philanthropy in a big way. Since 1997, TECHO has mobilized over half a million youth volunteers, built nearly 100,000 transitional houses between volunteers and families in slums and created nearly 400 community centers in the poorest of communities.

TECHO needs you to join the effort by raising funds for a community in Puebla, Mexico.

There are 6 million residents in Puebla, Mexico. 65% of the population lives in poverty. 17.6% of the population lives in conditions of extreme poverty. Currently there is a project that needs funding to build 10 transitional houses in a community in Puebla, Mexico.

I'm attempting to raise 1/3 of the project cost. Will you join me in rallying to help build 10 houses in Puebla? Together, we can transform an entire community.

Your $10, or anything you can afford, will make the difference. With one gift, you can be a philanthropist today and change the lives of hundreds of people living in poverty.

With gratitude,

P.S. No gift is too small:) I'll be posting photos and videos as the project comes to life and share the stories of those families you have helped. You can find out more about TECHO here:

Number of supporters: 45

Rally Leader: Marian Zizzo

Marian Zizzo