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The Reverend's Comeback Supporting the LGBT Community

In 2012, Reverend Oliver White lost two thirds of his congregation, and then his Church, when he voiced his support for same-sex marriage. He lost his home. This November, the Reverend found his new Church.

Reverend White’s main focus is to launch a LGBT Program, Churches for Safe Spaces. His mission for equality will start with his Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, and with your involvement, Churches for Safe Spaces will expand to Churches across the country who are on the verge of opening their doors to everyone.

Initial Program Includes:

LGBT Program Directors
Marriage Equality Messaging (acceptance teachings to other churches)
Outreach Campaigns to Churches
And more… Including: Youth Employment | Community Involvement | Poverty

We promise to keep you updated along the way. Get involved, participate and spread the word.

Contact us to include your Church or your LGBT program in our network. Together we can make inclusivity a reality.

Get involved and Let's Open Every Church's Doors to Everyone! Become a Fan Fundraiser- It's simple to add your Facebook Friends (the one's you want to select). Thank you for Supporting and Spreading the Word!

Number of supporters: 698


Rally Leader: Rev. Oliver White, Senior Minister

Rev. Oliver White, Senior Minister