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Dear family and friends,
I’m sure you’re well aware of the tragic typhoon that occurred in the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan, 200 mph in its nature, has already taken 6,000 innocent lives leaving families separated and disoriented. The disastrous aftermath is far from over which is why I am departing from LA on Christmas to aid the poor victims of affected islands.
I look forward to pushing my limits in hopes of making a difference with our Filipino neighbors; however, all expenses of this mission will be paid for personally. In order to fulfill these callings from God, I humbly ask that you rally with me and donate whatever you can in your heart to make this journey of mine possible; so that I can help these people survive and see smiles on their faces once again.
I will be teaming with Gawad Kalinga, a renowned and established organization that seeks to eradicate poverty & restore human dignity.
Relief services will be focused on providing clean food & water, medical aid, clearing remains, rebuilding shelters, conducting play workshops with children and most importantly, being present to provide all the emotional support that I can offer.
In addition to your generous contribution, I ask for your prayers and encouragement.
Nothing excites me more than to be spending my time with these victims during the Christmas and New Years season.
For our brothers and sisters in the Philippines,
Andrew Ma
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Number of supporters: 45

Rally Leader: Andrew Richard Ma

Andrew Richard Ma