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Extended Dana Family,

Dana is a bright light who has touched many of our lives as a friend, auntie, sounding board, moral supporter, catalyst, roommate, colleague, kindred spirit, network hub, pollinator, activist, meme-propagator, mischief-maker, dancer and collaborator.

As you all know, Dana has been courageously wrestling with Hodgkin's Lymphoma since May of 2009. Recent scans show that new growth in her neck is impinging on her esophagus, trachea and nerves. At this point, Dana needs to channel her prodigious energy towards working with her team of doctors to start a new Treatment Program.

Please consider helping Dana with a financial donation. We have set a goal of $26,000, which we think is achievable given Dana's amazing community of friends and colleagues.

Dana is unable to work while undergoing treatment and has a multitude of expenses. We can help mitigate the stress of going deeper into debt and support her in focusing on her health and healing.

"Are there other ways to help besides giving money?" Yes! Air miles, housing in SF in Spring 2014, a few days in NYC in November 2013, or any services or goods that we can use in an auction one day. Please join our Facebook group, , Friends of Dana, to continue the conversation.

Thank you.

Number of supporters: 116

Rally Leader: Steve de Brun

Steve de Brun