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Kelly Gray-Sheehan

Just over four years ago, after having her second child, Kelly underwent a surgical mesh procedure to correct a common side effect of childbirth. What was supposed to be a simple fix began a cascade of increasingly severe symptoms — including her body rejecting the mesh — eventually forcing her to undergo a more complex procedure to remove it.

Since then she’s endured a nightmare of nerve damage and severe, chronic abdominal pain. She's now told she'll likely have to deal with this for the rest of her life. As you can imagine, these events have put significant emotional and financial strain on Kelly's family. Even more important, the stress has crept into the hearts and minds of their two kids, Ava (8) and Colin (6), who are now showing the emotional and physical effects of a burden they shouldn’t have to bear.

We’re reaching out to you to help ease the weight of Kelly’s increasing medical bills so the family can concentrate their energy on her wellbeing and care. They need to stay strong and focused, and you can help make that possible.

Kelly has always had a big smile and a huge heart. She’s fiercely loyal to her friends and family and often, when others have found themselves in need, her family has done what they can to help. Now they need our help, and a contribution from you would mean so much.

We can't thank you enough for your consideration in helping this well-deserving family get through this stressful time.

With love and gratitude,
Doug, Marsha and Patrick Gray

Number of supporters: 131

Rally Leader: Patrick Gray

Patrick Gray