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Immunity Project

We are a team of scientists and entrepreneurs based in the San Francisco Bay Area and we have developed a novel, phase 1 ready HIV vaccine. If proven effective, our vaccine will work by turning those who receive it into HIV controllers. HIV controllers are miraculous. They are people who are naturally immune to HIV. Only 1 out of ~300 of those who are living with HIV have this incredible super power. To develop our vaccine, we used a machine learning algorithm to sift through blood samples from HIV controllers to identify the specific virus surface targets favored by those individuals. These targets were then formulated into a vaccine prototype. Our platform is the first synthetic vector vaccine platform ever developed. We do not use any living or non living organisms in our formulations. It therefore also has the potential of being one of the safest vaccine platforms ever developed. We have 11 granted patents and more filed covering our unique delivery system.

Donations will go through Until There's A Cure on behalf of Immunity Project.

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Immunity Project