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Andrew, Chris, and Brent are looking for funding to support Kartis, a crowdsourced map of non-profit activity. We know from experience that finding other non-profits near your own can be nearly impossible, despite the fact that those connections can save you learning the same lesson over and over again. This saves us all time and money, allowing us to give more and waste less.

Your money will help us design and launch the Kartis web platform, due in late January. When the site is ready for users, we plan on putting it in the hands of students from Harvard service clubs.

Students from groups like the Initiative to End Childhood Malnutrition and the School of Public Health will learn from each other's experiences, share problems and solutions, and find new opportunities to apply their skills and passion.

This is where you, the donor, come in. With every donation, we're asking for the name of a non-profit or cause that you care about. Tweet or email the name to us, @KartisForGood or, We'll put that organization on the map, so when our pilot users log in to find new opportunities, the organizations that you suggest will be the first ones they see.

The organizations you care about will be able to learn from each othre and reach the talented, enthusiastic students that our pilot will take in, letting them spend more time on the things that matter - vaccinating more patients, reaching more classrooms - and less on the things that don't.

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Rally Leader: Andrew Cole

Andrew Cole