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Mark Alexander for State Senate

Thanks for your interest in my campaign for the New Jersey State Senate. In Trenton, I will help keep property taxes in check, raise the minimum wage for working class families, and invest in our mass transit system to create jobs and drive economic development.

I spent my life focused on three main things: raising my family, educating New Jersey’s next generation of leaders as a Professor at Seton Hall Law School, and working for folks like President Barack Obama. I am running for the NJ State Senate because I cannot sit idly by while Trenton fails us on so many important fronts.

We can do better.

Join me and take back this State Senate seat from the party bosses and Trenton-insiders. Help us send a strong message on June 4th: Independent leadership is alive and well in the 34th District.

I am running because I know I can make a difference for my children - for all of our children - and once again make New Jersey a model for progressive ideals & policies.

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Rally Leader: Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander