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Stop the Keystone Pipeline

Five years ago, we took on the Big Oil giant. At the time, we had no idea what we were getting into. We saw family farmers and ranchers fighting to protect their land and water and looked around to see who among our elected officials was standing with them. Then we looked around again, and realized no politician would save the Sandhills and the Ogallala Aquifer. Citizens like you had to lead the way.

We started Bold Nebraska to take on the status quo and to show the power of citizen action.

In 2013, with your help we:
*Raised a clean energy barn directly in the path of Keystone export pipeline
*Mounted a court challenge to LB 1161, the unconstitutional law that fast-tracked the pipeline route and eminent domain
*Organized 1,000 folks to show up in a blizzard for the State Dept. public hearing
*Standing with farmers, ranchers and landowners against TransCanada's rising offers, threats and harassment

2014 promises to be a BOLD year!

We want more Nebraska-made energy powering our homes and communities. We want to see more local food on our grocery shelves. We need leaders who care enough about our state’s infrastructure to create a tax code that lifts up our schools. We need elected officials who are accountable to the people instead of powerful corporations.

Grab your sling shot and be ready to take down any giants that get in our way!

Can we count on you to stand with us? Give $25 now to help stop the pipeline and forge a stronger, Bold Nebraska.

Number of supporters: 219


Rally Leader: Jane Kleeb

Jane Kleeb