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Rebuild SPSR

On June 19th, 2013 a fire began at the East Spanish Peaks which has nearly destroyed our beloved Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch. As the fire nears containment, early reports indicate devastation that is almost incomprehensible to many of us who have served, attended, or briefly experienced this special and unique place.

We would like to organize Spanish Peaks Staff Association members, friends, and supporters in the GREATEST effort of the camp's 47 year history. The rebuilding of the Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch.

100% of the funds raised through this drive will be directed to the recovery effort. By giving even at the $25 level, you will have a vote in how this money is spent. We will contact you when we have a list of project needs from the council and vote as a group for the project(s) we want to fund. You will also receive a special commemorative patch and wrist band that you can proudly wear to demonstrate your commitment to Rebuild SPSR.

We will rebuild!!!

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Rally Leader: Spanish Peaks Staff Association

Spanish Peaks Staff Association