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Rescue Repurpose Redeem
Support Rescue Repurpose Redeem by purchasing handmade items and giving them as gifts this Holiday Season.

Handcrafted Bags, Wallets, Ornaments, Crosses, Notecards and other items are available for your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

To purchase gifts click "CONTRIBUTE" on the right side of this page.

Each uniquely crafted item is created with care by a Rescue Repurpose Redeem Artisan. Proceeds from sales will contribute to following goals:

● Form Fully Operational 501c3 Non-Profit Social Ventu
● Move into New Work Space
● Further Business and Funding Development in 2014
● Generate Income for Participant Artisans

Rescue Repurpose Redeem is a program & story of empowerment. Instead of the traditional narrative of helping the needy, RRR turns participants into entrepreneurs, allowing them to be the immediate and public image of both the business's and their own success.

RRR defines a person based on their growth towards self sustainability.

Rescue Repurpose Redeem does the following:

● Rescue items no longer wanted by others
● Repurpose those items into well-crafted, artful and useful products
● Redeem and enhance the individual participants’ dignity and self-respect

Give a gift on or visit for more ways to be a part of Rescue Repurpose Redeem.

Number of supporters: 21

Rally Leader: Stephanie McKay

Stephanie McKay