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It's Gawd!

The world is in trouble, but you already know that.

We need your help to tell an important story, via an indie film that shoots in September, one that we hope will mollify defenses and unite... with laughter. Tommy Chong, the iconic actor and comedian will star as, Gawd, Earth's misunderstood creator who attemps to reconnect with mankind- via a nightly variety show. Whoever made us was definitely smoking something.

Where will your money go? In the last scene, Gawd is atop a building, pirate broadcasting to the planet. A S.W.A.T. team closes in & a helicopter circles. We still need to pay for this. Then there's the ducks, they belong to the Cherubs- (little people are expensive:)

We think it's time to tip a few sacred cows and address the elephant in the room. If laughter is the best medicine, it's important everyone is strong and healthy. This is awkward subject for most of us. We'll need our strength if we're to get through it together.

Will you help Gawd save the world?

Number of supporters: 215


Rally Leader: Jerry Brunskill

Jerry Brunskill