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Visible Silence Film

“Visible Silence: Thai Tomboys and the Ladies Who Love Them” is a nearly completed documentary film sharing the stories of Thai lesbians striving for visibility, authenticity, and acceptance in a highly traditional society.

We have a sneak preview screening scheduled in Bangkok on Valentine's Day 2014. The film will be shown in partnership with the Thai lesbian group Anjaree in support of a historic LGBT civil union bill imminently going before Thai Parliament.

Award-winning filmmaker Ruth Gumnit and her binational (Thai-U.S.) team are poised to help, but we need to raise $7,441 to finish the film. After several years spent working on this film, we are within weeks of completion.

Your donation will help us cross the finish line and bring “Visible Silence” home to Thailand.

All tax-deductible donations will go directly to finishing costs.

Thank you so much!

The “Visible Silence” Team

Number of supporters: 72


Rally Leader: Marea Media

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