About Us

Rally.org is an easy-to-use storytelling platform that's designed to empower technical and non-technical users to fundraise online and build social awareness on a large scale. To date, Rally.org has enabled over 25,000 individuals and organizations to share and broadcast their passions, provide solutions to problems, leverage social networks, and mobilize communities.

Rally.org's 5 million users vary in size and scope and address a wide range of topics.

The crowdfunding site has been used by everyone from political candidates for campaign fundraising to Jon Bon Jovi’s non-profit foundation to help raise donations for Hurricane Sandy relief. Others have created Rally campaigns to help cover the cost of medical expenses, pay for tuition, start companies, fund films and everything in-between.

The Rally team believes in propelling the world's passions, and so do our investors. If that excites you too, check out our Careers page.

Rally Fundraising Team

Tom Tom Tom Serres
Lotika Lotika Lotika Gulvadi
Jon Jon Jon Cole
Matt Matt Matt Stolhandske
Brendon Brendon hover Brendon Patubo

Rally Investors/Funding

John Occhipinti
Relay Ventures
Mike Maples
Floodgate Fund
Reid Hoffman
Greylock Partners
Ron Conway
SV Angel
Kevin rose
Kevin Rose
Google Ventures
Craig shapiro
Craig Shapiro
Collaborative Fund
Vianovo ventures
Vianovo Ventures
Transmedia capital
Transmedia Capital
Michael birch
Michael Birch
Tim ferriss
Tim Ferriss
Eric ries
Eric Ries
Josh spear
Josh Spear
Scott belsky
Scott Belsky
Mark kingdon
Mark Kingdon
Naval ravikant
Naval Ravikant
Ariel poler
Ariel Poler
Habib haddad
Habib Haddad
Tom steyer
Tom Steyer
Tom brown
Tom Brown
Ephraim luft
Ephraim Luft
Ross Garber
Aaron dignan
Aaron Dignan
Seth berman
Seth Berman
Art Bilger
Mark McKinnon
Naveen Jain
Andrew bleeker
Andrew Bleeker