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A Shot in the Dark

Using rented time on world class remote telescopes, I will produce my next astrophotography image.

Each image requires multiple exposures, through multiple filters, for many hours of rented exposure time.

After the frames are downloaded from the telescope to the computer additional hours of post-processing through specialized software which stacks the frames to produce the raw image.

Continuing the process, I manipulate the resulting raw image in Photoshop to create the art-worthy color image.

Note: Only Deep Space Objects (Nebula, Galaxies, Star Clusters) will be considered for imaging. Due to the nature of the telescopes used, Inner Solar System objects (Sun, Moon, Planets, Asteroids, Comets, etc) will not be considered as targets.

How funds will be used:

Telescope Time: Estimated cost $3480.
"Plan 290" which allows for approximately 300 minutes per month. Image may require 1500 minutes. All telescope time does not result in usable frames. Be aware that the images are taken over many nights. Acquisition of usable data is dependent upon telescope availability, sky/weather/viewing conditions, position of astronomy target in the sky, phase and position of moon. Data may be collected for multiple targets and best results will be selected for final imagery.

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Jim DeLillo