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Bornavita's University Education

Hi All!

As most of you know or may not know, I have been a mentor for the past 3 years to a bright and wonderful young girl in Kenya named, Bornavita.

Like most children in Kenya, Bornavita comes from a disadvantaged background, but through hard work and determination, she made it into a special high school against all odds.

Bornavita went on to graduate high school in 2013, and through a scholarship, received 6 months of IT training and life skills during the gap period between high school and university.

With hopes of pursuing a degree in Economics (her passion), Bornavita had plans to attend university in September 2014, until she received heartbreaking news - there would be no funding available to enable her to go on to university.

As her mentor, I wrote asking for your help. And because of over 50 donors, we were able to raise $2,200, so that she would be able to attend her first year of university. Thanks to so many, we gave her this gift.

And so that Bornavita can continue on her educational journey, we are now hoping to raise $2,200 for her SECOND year of university!

I would appreciate it so much if you would help me enable my charming, friendly, and intelligent mentee to continue on, by donating as little as $10 and sharing with 5 friends, so that she too can go on to realize her dreams and reach her full potential!

Thank you to all who have already made this possible! :) xoxo

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Rally Leader: Katie Lahey

Katie Lahey