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The Monkey & The Elephant

The daily coffee drinker can spend up to $800 on coffee every year. Why not drink coffee with a purpose?

In Philadelphia, 1,100 youth age out of foster care annually. No longer eligible for support services, often without family to turn to, statistics show that 1 in 4 former foster youth end up incarcerated, and 1 in 3 will go on to live in poverty.

For 8 months The Monkey & The Elephant ran a pop up café at Taffet's Bakery in Philadelphia’s Italian Market, Michell (a former foster youth) received mentoring and employment during that time. We now have tentative agreements for a new pilot location in the Manayunk or Mt. Airy sections of Philly.

Working with partner organizations, our program seeks to smooth the transition youth make from foster care to independence by providing workforce training, mentorship and connections to support service agencies for housing, counseling services, financial literacy, GED, higher education and vocational training.

With your support, this Rally campaign will allow us to open a full coffee bar where we can pilot our program as we work to secure a permanent location to drink coffee with a purpose.

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Rally Leader: Lisa Miccolis

Lisa Miccolis